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  • Carthamus tinctorius
  • Origin: China

Common Name

Standardized: safflower

Botanical Name

Carthamus tinctorius L.
Plant Family: Asteraceae



Safflower is more familiar to westerners as the source of vegetable oil, but the petals of the native American plant make a pleasant tasting tea.


Carthamin, carthamadin

Parts Used

The stamens (also called petals, threads or flowers)

Typical Preparations

Can be made for use as a dye, and whole petals used as tea


Besides its medicinal uses, safflower leaves have also been used as pigment and dye from deep yellow to crimson for centuries, and are sometimes used as natural food coloring.


Pregnant women should avoid using safflower(the oil is alright) as it may have a slight aborfacient quality. It also may cause problems in people who have ragweed allergies.

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