Sage Hydrosol

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • Salvia officinalis
  • Origin: USA
Sage Hydrosol



This pleasant hydrosol is distilled from the common culinary sage. It has a strong aroma that is bright, green, and fresh, with characteristic herbaceous sage notes that are similar to the fresh herb. Energetically, sage is uplifting yet grounding, providing a stable base for energizing room sprays and body mists.

Considered a balancing astringent, sage hydrosol makes a wonderful base for facial toners and deodorant sprays. It can be used as a single ingredient spray or blended with other hydrosols and essential oils. Sage blends well with bay laurel, calendula, lavender, geranium, lemon thyme, and citrus scents like blood orange hydrosol or sweet orange essential oil.

Our Sage Hydrosol is produced via water-steam distillation of Salvia officinalis leaves. Suitable for cosmetic use.


The 3 oz. and 8 oz. sizes come in an amber glass bottle with a mister top. 16 oz., 64 oz., and 1 gallon bulk sizes come in plastic bottles without misters.