Mountain Rose Herbs

Shea Nut Oil

Botanical Name
Butyrospermum parkii


Method of extraction
Expeller Pressed and Refined

Suggested use
Cosmetic use only

Kosher Certified

A beautiful oil with a soft golden color which is delivered to us from cold pressing the nut seed of the shea (karite) tree. Shea oil is a byproduct of shea butter production where the pressing of the seeds produces a fractionated oil. This oil leaves a smooth and healthy feel to the skin and offers benefits for numerous skin problems including dermatitis, eczema, burns, cutaneous dryness, and other irritations. Highly recommended as a protective agent against harsh weather conditions where a mild barrier against the elements is desired. Stores well under any condition but extreme heat will lessen the shelf life. Shea oil has a fairly thick consistency; it can be easily liquefied in warm water.

Typical Analysis
Color- Cream
Odor- Characteristic/Flat
Free Fatty Acids- 0.06%
Peroxide Value- 1.9
Saponification Value- 183.4
Iodine Value- 63.1
Specific Gravity- 1.46
pH- 4.22

Fatty Acids
Oleic- 73.15%
Palmitic- 4.0%
Linoleic- 13.7%
Alpha-Linolenic- 0.33%
Stearic- 8.5%

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