The Complete Herbs Sourcebook

  • By David Hoffmann, 2016 (softcover, 399 pages)
The Complete Herbs Sourcebook



In this comprehensive and authoritative guide, expert herbalist David Hoffmann offers a unique, holistic approach to help you restore and maintain your well-being. The A-Z guide features herbs that benefit all parts of the body, from the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems to the skin, ears, nose, throat, eyes, and beyond.

David Hoffmann begins this text with a clear explanation of the body’s systems and herbs traditionally associated with them. He walks through simple ways to gather and prepare botanicals, and he offers a complete general cross-referencing index of uses, and a botanical index. Not every ailment requires harsh medications, creams, or ointments. With The Complete Herbal Sourcebook, you can learn how to create your own herbal medicine chest for your family’s wholeness and health.