Tulsi (Holy Basil) Hydrosol

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • Ocimum spp.
  • Origin: USA
Tulsi (Holy Basil) Hydrosol



Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a richly aromatic herb in the basil family. This highly venerated herb in Ayurvedic practices is favored by Vishnu and is said by some to be an earthly embodiment of his companion Lakshmi.

Mist into the air to clear the energy of your living or working space, or fill your favorite diffuser with this affable hydrosol. Energetically, it is cleansing and encourages a calm state of mind, offering support in times when confidence is lacking. Organic tulsi hydrosol is lightly spicy with herbaceous overtones. It can be used alone as a body and face mist, or as an ideal aftershave for those looking to avoid overly flowery aromas. Blend with essential oils such as rosemary or thyme for an herbal bouquet. This hydrosol also combines well with touches of spiced essential oils such as cardamom, black pepper, or cinnamon leaf.

Our organic tulsi hydrosol is expertly crafted in the Pacific Northwest via water-steam distillation of fresh Ocimum spp.. Suitable for cosmetic use.


The 3oz. and 8oz. sizes come in an amber glass bottle with a mister top. 16 oz., 64 oz., and 1 gallon bulk sizes come in plastic bottles without misters.

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