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Wildharvested & Kosher Certified

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  • Usnea spp.
  • Origin: USA

Common Name

Standardized: usnea
Other: usnea lichen, old man's beard

Botanical Name

Usnea spp.
Plant Family: Usneaceae


The oddly named usnea isn't a plant at all, but actually it is a lichen, which is a combination of algae and fungi functioning as a single organism. Usnea grows on old trees in cool, damp forests, most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest which provides most of the nation's supply. Usnea is abundant throughout most parts of the Northwest. The various species of usnea are hard to distinguish, but have equivalent uses. As such Mountain Rose Herbs cannot guarantee that each batch of Usnea we offer will be of an exact single species, but rather it will consist of numerous species of the Usnea family.

Parts Used

The dried thallus or lichen strands of collected plants.

Typical Preparations

Usually used to make cough and cold lozenges. Can be consumed as a tea and in extract form. externally as a compress or poultice.


No known precautions.
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