White Sage, Cultivated

Certified Organic & Kosher Certified

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  • Salvia apiana
  • Origin: USA
White Sage, Cultivated


Common Name

Standardized: white sage
Other: California white sage, greasewood

Botanical Name

Salvia apiana Jeps.
Plant Family: Lamiaceae


Our certified organic cultivated white sage is a new project near and dear to our hearts meant to preserve this important botanical for future generations.

White sage is a flowering perennial that is native to the Southwestern United States. This plant loves to grow on sunny, arid slopes and has tall woody stems and tiny white flowers. White sage exists only in a relatively small range in southern California. Much of its limited range has been affected by human development.

White sage leaves are often rolled into a large bundle and burned as an incense to purify physical spaces. This popularity has unfortunately led to the overharvesting of this plant, with the ongoing droughts in California also negatively affecting stands of white sage and slowing the recovery rate. Many prominent herbalists have suggested that enthusiasts consider growing their own. Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to the long term sustainability of this precious botanical. We pledge to purchase only material that has been organically cultivated or consciously collected with the long-term health of the wild stands being the guiding factor.

Parts Used

Dried leaves

Uses And Preparations

The dried leaves on their stems as incense.

Herbal Miscellany

White Sage is also one of the four sacred plants of the indigenous North American Medicine Wheel and represents the Western direction. The other plants contained in the Medicine Wheel are Cedar representing the South, Tobacco representing the East, and Sweetgrass representing the North.


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