Herb Growers Near You

About This Directory

Since our inception in 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs has been honored to satisfy our customers’ botanical needs by providing the high-quality and sustainable ingredients they are not able to grow or source locally. However, we have also always encouraged our customers to grow their own herbs or support their local farmers and responsible wildharvesters whenever possible. We do this because improving communities and improving the environment are central to our mission as a company, and sourcing locally supports both of these goals. When you purchase your botanicals from a local grower or harvester, you avoid the environmental impacts of moving herbal offerings over a large distance (and the energy that goes into preparing them to make that journey) while also supporting small businesses in your area. Plus, there’s no substitute for herbs fresh from the field next door!

In order to help you find botanical producers in your neck of the woods, we are pleased to provide this directory of herb growers by region. Through this Local Growers Directory, it is our hope that you will be able to connect with and support the good work of a hardworking herb farmer near you! This directory is updated frequently, so check back often, and please share with others. Our goal is for herbs to be accessible to all.

To be listed in our directory, growers must have no more than 40 acres in cultivation, must employ organic practices (however, organic certification is not required), and must be able to receive orders directly (be it by phone, online, and/or mail). Would you like to be added to our list? Apply here.


Barefoot Botanicals

Doylestown, PA

(215) 345-4771

Blessed Maine Herb Farm

Athens, ME

(207) 594-0694

Bountiful Earth Farm LLC

Allison Park, PA

(412) 656-5517

Crickets Cove Farm & Forage

Victoria, VA

(434) 676-8944

Cutting Root Farm and Apothecary

Butler, PA

(615) 804-0064

Farmacy Herbs

West Greenwich, RI

(401) 270-5223

Foxtrot Herb Farm

Ashfield, MA

(970) 690-7165

Green Heart Gardens

Candler, NC

(828) 273-2434

Greenhill Collective

Warner, NH

(603) 540-1156

Hatch Knoll Farm

Jonesboro, ME

(207) 434-2674

Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center

Avoca, NY

(607) 566-2701

Herbal Revolution Farm and Apothecary

Union, ME

(207) 713-0856

Herricks Herbs & Heirlooms

Jamesport, NY

(631) 722-2293

Husky Meadows Farm

Norfolk, CT

(860) 540-4757


Boxford, MA

(978) 887-0878

Lens Creek Lavender

Hernshaw, WV

(304) 437-2967

Leonard Farm

Dummerston, VT

(310) 245-7548

Locust Light Farm

Titusville, NJ

(201) 874-7034

Meeting House Farm

Scarborough, ME

(207) 303-0733

Muddy River Herbals

Hyde Park, MA

(617) 850-2020

Petalland Flower and Herb Farm

Tullahoma, TN

(931) 695-5466

Power Farm Herbals

Falmouth, ME

(207) 232-1923

Sawmill Herb Farm

Florence, MA

(413) 268-4372

Smoke Camp Crafts

Weston, WV

(309) 940-1142

Summerfield Herb Farm

Afton, TN

(423) 525-2621

Tooth of the Lion Farm and Apothecary

Orwigsburg, PA

(610) 613-8040

Turning Wheel Farm

Bowdoinham, ME

(207) 380-5355

Wild Faith Herb Farm

Burlington, VT

(301) 908-0428

Zack Woods Herb Farm

Hyde Park, VT

(802) 888-7278


Black Barn Florals & Herbs

Broken Arrow, OK

(314) 683-6134

Black Locust Gardens

Dexter, MI


Companion Plants

Athens, OH

(740) 592-4643

Heartwood Forest Farm

Cedar, MI

(231) 492-5002

Herban Ayurveda

Farmington, MN

(612) 888-0802

Mt. Airy Herb Farm

Huntsville, MO

(573) 303-6625

Stone House Herb Company

Shannon, IL

(815) 291-5503

Will Heal Farm

Cedar, MN

(612) 666-1870


Blossoming Lotus Herbs

Elmira, OR

(541) 688-2688

Eaglemount Farm

Port Townsend, WA

Feral Gardens

Sapello, NM

(505) 398-0212

Friends of the Trees Botanicals

Port Haddock, WA

(360) 643-9178

Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm

Middletown, CA

(707) 987-8719

Harmony Fields

Bow, WA

(360) 941-8196

Jellicles Farm

Sunol, CA

(510) 676-5254

Methow Wild Fruits

Carlton, WA

(509) 881-1818

Mother’s Earth Homestead

Salida, CO

(201) 952-6408

Olde Thyme Herbal

North Bend, OR

(541) 756-5955

Oshala Farm

Applegate, OR

(541) 846-1120

Pachamama Farms and Wellness

Longmont, CO

(716) 860-3594

Pleasant Oaks Farm

Rogue River, OR

(541) 582-8188

Purple Sage Farms

Middleton, ID

(208) 585-6140

Reverie Farm

Troy, ID

(208) 999-5660

Thyme Garden Herb Company

Alsea, OR

(541) 207-5992

The Wheel Herb Farm

Olympia, WA

(360) 357-1135


Bear Roots Forest & Apothecary

Erbs Cove, NB

(506) 721-5753

Bee Happy Farm

Baddeck, NS

(902) 818-8504

Foggy River Farm

Sunderland, ON

(647) 459-0559