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Bag Dryer

Wood holder designed for drying plastic bags and other cloth items in the kitchen. A great way to reuse those pesky plastics to be saved from the landfill and it works great for cotton tea nets, muslin bags, coffee filters and bottles. A useful and attractive tool from sustainably harvested Birch & Ash.
14" tall with round base for counter use and mounting hook for wall use.

Qty: Bag Dryer $14.50


The ever so popular and indispensable cheesecloth.
This versatile cloth is made from unbleached 100% organic cotton. A natural fiber product with a fine mesh. Perfect for the home herbalist, bakers, gardeners and more! Each package contains 2 square yards.

Qty: Cheese Cloth $3.50

Funnel, Stainless Steel w/strainer

An extremely useful tool, with a clever steel strainer that clips with the funnel at the opening of the spout to remove debris, detritus, and other foreign matter that is not wanted within your final creations.
This commercial grade funnel is perfect for the home herbalist, and body care manufacturer, for its ability to remove unwanted matter before final blending and formulating.
Both pieces (funnel and strainer) are made of stainless steel, and are easily cleaned. The spout on this funnel measures 1/2", and the vessel is 5" in diameter.

Qty: Stainless Steel Funnel with strainer $10.75

Funnels, Plastic (set of 3)

These white plastic funnels come in a convenient 3-pack of different sizes. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and able to handle extreme temperatures.
Large funnel 4" rim diameter with 7/16" spout
Medium funnel 3" rim diameter with 5/16" spout
Small funnel 2.5" rim diameter with 4/16" spout

Qty: Plastic Funnels set of 3 $2.00

Mezzaluna Chopper, Double

This double bladed chopper is a quick and easy way to chop up your herbs and spices. Just rock back and forth holding the comfortable grip plastic handle and let the stainless steel beveled blades do the rest. Includes a blade cover for protection and storage.
Measures 4" x 6"

Qty: Mezzaluna Chopper $8.25

Mezzaluna Chopper, Single

This Italian made chopper has a single 10" beveled stainless steel blade and two wooden handles. Chopping herbs and spices is made quick and easy with a simple back and forth rocking motion.

Qty: Mezzaluna Rocking Mincer $19.50

Sprout Bag

People often assume sprouts are best grown in jars, but the lack of circulation and the "bogging" which occurs at the bottom can spoil most sprouts within 1-2 days. While there are many other types of sprouters available with different features, the sprout bag is a perfect substitution for the jar with several advantages. Just place the desired quantity of seed into the bag, dip in water, and let sprout! Made of 100% raw hemp, this sprouting bag is machine washable and will last for years. Comes with an instructional brochure, and a care guide.
Measures 7" wide x 10.5" tall"

Qty: Sprout Bag $10.00

Sprouting Chart

This engaging and informative chart is one of the most thorough sprouting tools we have used. Just turn the wheel and select your sprouts of choice and you will be served up photos, growing guidelines, taste profiles, recipes and more.

Qty: Sprout Chart $5.50

Sprouting Kit

This complete sprouting canister kit is guaranteed to deliver great sprouts in 3 days with minimal maintenance. Each canister contains 3 chambers for sprouting different seeds of your choice, and one chamber for water collection making the act of sprouting your own seeds hassle free. Simply sprinkle some seeds onto the trays, add water and watch your sprouts grow! Each kit includes 1 large sprouting canister with caps and trays and an instruction booklet with recipes. 6" tall, 7.75" wide.

Qty: Sprouting Canister Kit $39.00

Sprouting Screen

An economical sprouting tool that anyone can use; all you need is a mason jar, some water and a handful of sprouting seeds. Each screen is attached to a retail card with complete instructions and is manufactured of 100% stainless steel here in the USA. Fits up to a wide mouth mason jar.

Qty: Sprouting Screen $2.50

Sprouts: The Miracle Food

From: Steve Meyerowitz

Softcover (224 pages) 2010
This fabulous book contains a wealth of information about how to say goodbye to pesticides and preservatives and let your kitchen be your garden! In just one week, you can enjoy pounds of delicious young organic vegetables. As baby plants, sprouts are bursting with concentrated nutrition. As living plants, they provide the secret cell factors and phyto-chemicals that enrich our health and longevity. Watch as the exquisite beauty of the sprouts enchants your entire family--even children can't resist picking them as they grow. At an average of 50 cents/lb, you'll save money, too! Includes extensive nutrition charts, seed resources, and questions and answers.

Qty: BOOK- Sprouts: The Miracle Food $12.95

Strainers, Mesh

A convenient all purpose stainless steel strainer, which has been constructed of the perfect mesh with the herbalist in mind. A fabulous tool to be used in the production of extracts, herbal oils, tea infusions and decoctions, and in the manufacturing of some body care products.
Choose from 2 sizes
Small (3 inch diameter) Large (4 inch diameter)


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