Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • Capsicum frutescens
  • 50 seeds
Cayenne Pepper Seeds



Cayenne is an herb that depends on plenty of warmth and rich, well-drained soil in order to fruit. A member of the nightshade family, this plant produces slightly spicy peppers that are coveted for many uses. The peppers range from yellow, orange, and red in color and can be used fresh, or dried and stored.

Cayenne plants are best described as compact, growing no more than one to four feet tall. When mature, cayenne produces many clusters of flowering heads, which fruit within 70 to 80 days after the first bloom. Once established, plants do well outside in the spring and summer, but they are very temperature sensitive and potted plants will need to be moved indoors as temperatures cool.

It is best to start seeds indoors by sprinkling onto soil in prepared pots or flats in late winter. Within 16-20 days, seedlings will sprout but they should not be transplanted outside until at least six to eight weeks have passed, and outdoor temperatures have reached 60 degrees.

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