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Angelica Seeds

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • Angelica archangelica
  • 100 seeds
Angelica Seeds


As part of the carrot family, Angelica archangelica has serrated leaves and a fluted tube-like stalk. Angelica produces a pleasant musky scent often compared to that of juniper or coriander. It has been cultivated for ages as an aromatic bitter and all parts of the plant including root, seeds, and leaves can be used for culinary creations.

Angelica is a self-seeding biennial, meaning that the plant will die in its second year after producing seed. It blooms in the early summer of the second year, producing seeds by late summer into fall. It can also be propagated by taking second-year root cuttings and planting them.

It is recommended to start seeds outside in the fall by lightly tamping scattered seeds into moist, well-drained top soil in a partially shaded area. Use of either stratification or starting seeds indoors before early spring planting is a successful method for growing as well.

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