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Mountain Rose Herbs — dedicated to Organics and Sustainability since 1987


Energy Efficiency

Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to have taken numerous steps to decrease energy consumption and the company’s overall carbon footprint. We have implemented many practices including:

  • Our building was constructed to LEED standards which harnesses an estimated 80% of natural light and has decreased our electrical usage for general illumination by over 40 percent!
  • A complete lighting upgrade in our principal facilities to T-8, low impact, fluorescent cylinders which draw far less power than traditional fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs.
  • We upgraded our parking lot lighting to high efficiency LED fixtures.
  • Our company switched our cargo and delivery vehicles to run on used vegetable oil based bio-diesel and a B15 minimum.
  • We installed company-wide LED flat screen monitors, using 65% less energy and generating half the heat of traditional CRT monitors.
  • We installed Energy Star rated heating and cooling units which are maintained and serviced quarterly for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • All computer purchases have been converted to EPEAT certified models which are Gold Star rated for their environmental attributes including energy conservation, the amount and type of packaging used to ship and house the computer, and the refusal to use harmful materials in the construction of the computers.
  • All of the appliances, electronics, and other small and medium-sized electrical components that we purchase are always Energy Star rated.
  • We installed waterless urinals to reduce water consumption.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to have converted to 100% renewable energy with our solar array, Greenpower, and

Solar Array

In 2015, Mountain Rose Herb installed over 100 photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity for our main facility in Eugene, Oregon. The 25 kWh solar array installed on the roof will produce an estimated 32,604 kWh of power in the first year, saving money and investing in renewable energy. Over the expected 35 year lifespan of the system, it is anticipated to offset 470 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the conservation of 10,980 trees or 48,170 gallons of gasoline. And for our employees, we installed a two dock electric vehicle charging station! We continue to innovate and reduce our carbon footprint.

Greenpower Program

Mountain Rose Herbs participates in EWEB’s voluntary Greenpower program, which helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and supports local renewable energy projects. Investing in the Greenpower program, which is a project by our local utility provider, EWEB, helps reduce regional air pollution from fossil fuels, and also supports research, education, and projects that advance renewable energy, including EWEB customer incentives for local solar energy installations.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Mountain Rose Herbs is currently receiving its energy offsets through, which is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to climate change education, carbon offsets and reductions, and public outreach. Our company's carbon footprint calculation includes electricity use, heating fuels, and company travel which is offset through We are committed to alternative energy sources, and supporting carbon sequestration projects will benefit all life on earth.

We encourage everyone to work towards reducing their carbon footprint through sensible energy reductions combined with cost-effective carbon offsets. Avoid excessive and unnecessary driving, inefficient vehicles, energy intensive goods with excessive packaging, household appliances which are not highly rated according to E-Star standards, and other electrical components which are exhaustive to energy sources. While most people can reduce their energy use by improving the efficiency of their homes, buying cars that get better gas mileage, and making other changes, reducing it to zero through individual actions is nearly impossible. Carbon offsets are a cost effective way to reduce the remainder of one’s climate footprint.

EPEAT Certified Computers and Monitors

All of the computers and monitors purchased by Mountain Rose Herbs are EPEAT certified at the gold level, meaning they have been rated and approved for their environmental attributes at the highest level. To reach gold level certification, a computer must meet a high standard of environmentally conscious criteria including recyclable/reusable material, minimal use of heavy metals in manufacturing, energy efficiency, and recyclable packaging to name a few. While it may not seem like a substantial amount, Mountain Rose Herbs can go through an average of 10-15 computers annually which can truly add up.

Company Vehicles

Our commercial fleet of vehicles includes a cargo van and industrial truck run on reclaimed vegetable-based biodiesel (B15 or B20). The biodiesel we use is manufactured from waste vegetable oil collected from numerous local sources and distributed by a locally-owned biodiesel producer.